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A Complete Precision Agriculture Solution for Indoor Farmer

Automate your facility with Farmio to grow higher quality plants and improve harvest yields with less effort and using fewer resources.

Explore the Next Generation of Farm Automation

Transform your growing operations to streamlined smart processes with our cloud-based software

Increase yearly productivity by up to 50%

Farmio shortens your growth cycles and improves harvest yields by providing the perfect amount of water, nutrients, and light, as well as a stable, optimal climate to your plants.

Decrease resource consumption by up to 40%

Farmio controls your lighting, irrigation, fertigation and HVAC equipment more efficiently and eliminates excess usage of light, water, and nutrients to minimize waste.

Achieve highest quality produce every harvest

Farmio controls your plants’ growing environment precisely and reliably, so that your harvest yields and product quality are consistent and predictable at all times.

Reduce manual labor requirement by up to 60%

Farmio grants you complete and accurate visibility and control over all environmental factors in your growth areas so that you can save valuable time and effort for more important tasks.

Achieve highest quality produce every harvest

  • Easily see exactly how each of your equipment impacts the environment and pinpoint anomalies to update the settings accordingly.
  • View all of your past data and compare environmental factors of during growth processes with the yields of respective harvests and the quality of the produce to improve your recipes each harvest.

Stay up to date about your farm at all times

Farmio sends instant notifications about all important developments at your farm so that you know whether you need to take action or everything is all right anytime, anywhere.
  • Whenever any environmental condition becomes suboptimal
  • When your devices turn on and off automatically according to your settings
  • If devices do not affect the environment as expected when working

Effortless and affordable integration

Easily connect to the 3rd party hardware and sensors in your indoor farm to turn them into smart devices with minimum investment.
  • Use low-cost and widely available communication devices to install Farmio
  • Automate all of your environmental control tasks flexibly with custom rule sets
  • Set up multiple growing zones and optimize them separately to grow different varieties of plants

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Farmio Automate

Control your farm remotely and automate your daily tasks to save valuable time and effort

  • 7/24 Remote Connection
  • Automated Irrigation Control
  • Automated HVAC Control
  • Automated Lighting Control
  • Automated Fertigation Control
  • Real-time Notifications & Alerts
  • Batch tracking
  • Online support
Farmio Optimize

Harness the power of data to precisely control and optimize your growth environment

  • All Contents of Essentials
  • Automated pH & EC Measurement
  • Automated Ambient Temperature, Relative Humidity, and VPD Measurement
  • Real-time remote monitoring
  • Data-driven smart automation
  • Data analysis & visualization
  • 3rd party sensor integrations
Farmio Enterprise

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